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New Zealand’s premier safe deposit box vault provider, Commonwealth Vault, is now open in Christchurch’s historic Public Trust Office building on the River Avon.

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Our Christchurch Vault

Commonwealth Vault is the first private vault facility in Christchurch. The new facility includes a few thousand safety deposit boxes (also known as safe boxes and bank lockers) housed in a state-of-the-art vault with enhanced security, biometric scanning, an on-site guard, and 24/7 remote surveillance.
Clients can rent a safety deposit box or purchase it ensuring lifelong peace of mind. In addition to guaranteeing protection for your property, Commonwealth Vault provides investment opportunities for those interested in purchasing gold and silver bullion.

Safe deposit boxes in 152 Oxford Terrace

Completed in 1925 for the Public Trust, 152 Oxford Terrace was designed by one of Christchurch’s most celebrated architects, Cecil Wood, and is one of the few heritage buildings to survive the Christchurch earthquakes. Now fully earthquake strengthened and restored, the building is ready to house Christchurch’s premier retail, hospitality, and heritage office spaces – and New Zealand’s newest Commonwealth Vault facility.

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Our Safe deposit Boxes


80 x 120 x 600mm

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80 x 254 x 600mm

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97 x 254 x 600mm

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252 x 245 x 600mm

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Safe deposit boxes are now available in the our facility. Choose from our range of four box sizes:

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Christchurch Operating hours

9.00am to 5.30pm

Mon – FRI

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