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Commonwealth Vault safe deposit boxes: proven protection trusted by 10,000 customers

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Our New Zealand location

Commonwealth Vault is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built safe deposit box vault designed to last forever. Established in 1998 and now serving 10,000 discerning customers, Commonwealth Vault is uniquely located in a beautiful heritage building and has a perpetual lease – so you can even bequeath your safe deposit box in your will if you wish.

Give yourself real peace of mind and talk to us today how we can keep your precious things safe for a lifetime – and beyond.

New Zealand

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Buy or rent a box of the size you need for virtually any length of time

Whatever your needs, we have the safe deposit box of the size, duration, and price to suit you. You can store whatever you want in your box, apart from anything explosive, dangerous, offensive, inflammable, corrosive, perishable, or illegal.

Our Storage options

Five sizes to choose from:

  • Extra Mini

  • 90mm x 130mm x 360mm

  • Mini

  • 85mm x 130mm x 600mm

  • Small

  • 90mm x 260mm x 600mm

  • Medium

  • 120mm x 260mm x 600mm

  • Large

  • 257mm x 260mm x 600mm

*inner dimension of boxes measured

Virtually unlimited terms
The choice is yours. Rent a box for a single month or for many years, or purchase a box on perpetually renewable terms for a virtually unlimited period of time. Purchased boxes can be on-sold or bequeathed.

Priced to fit your budget
The cost will vary depending on the size of box and the length of time you choose.

Our Security

Layer after layer of protection to keep your valuables safe

Dual-key locked boxes
A dual-key locking system ensures your safe deposit box can only be opened by you and one of our security guards inserting both keys simultaneously.

Purpose-built bank vault
A combination locked, hardened steel door weighing seven tonnes protects the entrance to the vault. The vault itself lies underground and is purpose-built of impregnable steel-reinforced concrete.

Fingerprint scanner
Your unique fingerprint and PIN code are required to gain entry to the vault.

24/7 camera surveillance
Surveillance cameras digitally record all activity in the reception foyer, vault lobby, and the vault itself, 24/7.

24/7 security guards
Highly trained guards constantly watch over Commonwealth Vault, monitoring its surveillance cameras and movement sensors from a bulletproof control room.

24/7 remote monitoring
As a further level of security, the facility is also monitored 24/7 from an external location via digital cameras.

Undisclosed extra security layers
Commonwealth Vault employs several extra layers of state-of-the-art security measures but these must remain confidential even from our customers to ensure the complete security of the facility.

Secure underground car parks
Underground car parks monitored by security cameras provide access to the vault foyer for premium safe deposit box holders.



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Office: +64 9 377 2777
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Mandarin/Cantonese Hotline: 0800 109 671


Customhouse Building
Cnr Customs and Albert Streets
New Zealand

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