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PAMP American Buffalo 999.0 Pure – 1oz Silver Round

Swiss Excellence. Minted in the USA

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Celebrate The

Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Celebrate this major international competition through a series celebrating Sport.

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Golden & Silver Coins with Value 250 & 10 Euro


Year of the Dragon

In Chinese culture, this mythical animal symbolizes power, nobleness and success.

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Dragon Coin


1oz Silver American Eagle

The world’s most popular bullion coin

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USD 1 Dollar


Year of the Rabbit Quadrant 2023 1oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Set

Extremely Limited. Only 1,500 minted

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year of the rabbit commonwealth vault


Buy gold online in the form of bars and coins imprinted with various eye-catching designs.

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silver gold


We offer a wide range of bullion products made from the precious metal of silver.

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Buy or rent a Box

You can store almost anything in a safe deposit box we enable you to buy or rent in a size of your choice.

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Invest in Bullion

Whether it is gold or silver you are looking to obtain, we will be able to provide you with it in a high level of purity — with coins as well as cast bars and minted bars all available.

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Coin Collections

Our website makes it easy to peruse the complete range of coin collectibles we stock in gold and silver — including popular licensed and limited-edition pieces.

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The Storage

Bullion Storage

At a heritage building in Auckland and another in Christchurch, we have secure storage lockers for customers to rent or buy. With a safe deposit box from Commonwealth Vault, you can keep your gold or silver bullion nicely protected by multiple layers of security.

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Commonwealth Vault is a silver and gold merchant for online shoppers. We also maintain secure storage facilities where we keep safe deposit boxes for customers to utilise. We run a virtually indestructible, purpose-built vault where the stringent security measures include biometric fingerprint scanning and the use of security personnel. In exploring more of our website, you can learn further details of the gold and silver bullion and versatile storage options we offer.

Our Auckland Location

6 Albert Street


152 Oxford Terrace

Invest in Gold & Silver Bullion

When you choose to buy from our gold merchant online, you can look forward to a purchasing process we will facilitate with the utmost professionalism and discretion. This will be the case all the way through — from the moment you place your online order to when the precious metal is transferred to you.

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Why invest in Bullion?

Precious metals have been shown to hold their value more reliably than other investment assets. For this reason, if you are an investor, adding bullion to your portfolio can help you to diversify it as well as provide you with a ‘safe haven’ for you to fall back on come times of economic turmoil.

Discerning the ‘right’ businesses to invest in can be arduous, while paper currencies have devalued. We have also seen the geopolitical situation turn more and more unstable, underlining the argument for you to buy gold online as a way to help safeguard your household’s wealth.

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Bullion Storage

If you have gold or silver bullion you are determined to safeguard, you could arrange to leave it with us in Auckland or Christchurch. Our safe deposit boxes come in the sizes of extra mini, mini, small, medium and large — and you can store bullion in any of these for as little as a month or a virtually unlimited length of time.

Storage Options


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