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Commonwealth vault Coming soon to Christchurch….

New Zealand’s premier safe deposit box vault provider, Commonwealth Vault, is opening a new safe deposit facility in Christchurch’s historic Public Trust Office building on the River Avon.

About Commonwealth Vault

Commonwealth Vault is New Zealand’s premier safe deposit box vault uniquely located in a beautiful heritage building in Auckland’s CBD. We currently provide secure storage lockers for more than 10,000 customers in our virtually indestructible vault, which is protected by a multi-stage security system that includes biometric fingerprint scanning and on-site security personnel. We also offer gold and silver bullion sales and secure storage, overseas money transfer services, home loans, and insurance protection services through our partners.

Why invest in precious metals?

Gold and silver represent a viable alternative investment and a proven way to diversify your portfolio without incurring unnecessary risk. Share markets are risky, paper currencies continue to devalue, and the geopolitical situation is increasingly unstable. Now is a great time to invest in precious metals to protect the wealth of you and your family against a range of potential negative impacts from devaluation, stock market corrections, and political instability worldwide.

Where is best to store your bullion?

The choice of storage location is yours but you might like to consider the following facts about New Zealand: it is politically very stable, has historically low corruption, is geographically isolated from world events, offers world-class storage facilities, and is ranked number 1 by the World Bank for “ease of doing business”.

Buy Bullion

Commonwealth Vault will store your Silver and Gold Bullion in your very own safe deposit box in our purpose-built vault facility. We take care of the whole process for you with complete discretion and professionalism from start to finish.