Commonwealth Vault safe deposit boxes: Offer bullion sales and storage for our customers in Asia through our dedicated office in Singapore.

Our Singapore location

LE FREEPORT in Singapore is a fully integrated facility, where functional design meets technological excellence. LE FREEPORT set new standards, demanded by investors and collectors alike: to combine cutting edge technology with efficient logistics as well as an exhaustive range of expert services.

LE FREEPORT are ideal platforms for securing, servicing and preserving works of art and other valuables.


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Buy or rent a box of the size you need for virtually any length of time

Whatever your needs, we have the safe deposit box of the size, duration, and price to suit you. You can store whatever you want in your box, apart from anything explosive, dangerous, offensive, inflammable, corrosive, perishable, or illegal.

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Private viewing suites

Bespoke showrooms offer a confidential and luxurious environment ideal for the display of any valuables, be it for transaction or enjoyment purposes.

Access to Airport Terminals

LE FREEPORT air side gate expedites the safe transfer of goods, and also allows direct limousine transfers from the terminals to the facility.

MAXIMUM SECURITY AND 24/7 security access

Stringent security provisions include electronic monitoring of staff, clients and valuables as well as armed guards.

Trading made easy

Valuables are securely stored, displayed and transacted, free of indirect tax and import duties.

Fully equipped offices

Le Freeport also provides fully equipped offices for clients who wish to do business discreetly and securely.



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Office: +65 6322 0864
Mobile: +65 9100 7521
Address: Unit #30-00
Levels 30
6 Battery Road
Singapore 049909



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Office: +64 9 377 2777
Free phone within NZ: 0800 33 46 53
Address: Customhouse Building
Cnr Customs and Albert Streets
New Zealand



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Office: +64 210 200 7760
Address: Customhouse Building
Cnr Customs and Albert Streets
New Zealand




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