Metals market weekly recap

Gold has been overall flat for the week, even though the DXY has taken to the down side we have seen yields on the 10 y rise so people are still flocking to a yielding asset at this time as a safe haven bid.

In the week to come it is going to be chock full of volatility in every asset class as we have the G7 summit as we speak, and the US and North Korea summit in Singapore as well as the FOMC meeting.
Silver has gotten a bid even though Gold has been flat, this could be an anomaly or something more significant we could be entering the next leg of this multi year Gold bull run as Silver tends to outperform in the early stages of Gold bull Runs.

Platinum is still hanging around its lows but made a small bid this week as Platinum lags Silver, the precious metals markets are really testing the patients of the speculator, you’ll have to have you patients hat on for the next good while as we very well could see new all time highs given time.

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