152 Oxford Terrace

New Zealand’s premier safe deposit box vault provider, Commonwealth Vault, is opening a new safe deposit facility in Christchurch’s historic Public Trust Office building on the River Avon.


Our Location

The vault will be located in the purpose-built Public Trust vault spaces in the basement and accessed via the building’s grand entrance hall and stairwell. The vault itself will be an elegant mix of original heritage features, luxury furnishings, and state-of-the-art security to the same exacting standards as the Auckland Commonwealth Vault facility located in the historic Customhouse Building in Auckland’s CBD.

Completed in 1925 for the Public Trust, 152 Oxford Terrace was designed by one of Christchurch’s most celebrated architects, Cecil Wood, and is one of the few heritage buildings to survive the Christchurch earthquakes. Now fully earthquake strengthened and restored, the building is ready to house Christchurch’s premier retail, hospitality, and heritage office spaces – and New Zealand’s newest Commonwealth Vault facility.

order your safe deposit box in 152 Oxford Terrace

We are now taking orders for safe deposit boxes in the new facility. Choose from five sizes of box:

  • Extra Mini: 90 x 130 x 360mm

  • Mini: 85 x 130 x 600mm

  • Small: 90 x 260 x 600mm

  • Medium: 120 x 260 x 600mm

  • Large: 257 x 260 x 600mm

*inner dimensions of boxes measured



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